No one in Southern California can forget the fear and horror of December 2, 2015 when they heard about the mass shooting by terrorists in San Bernardino, California. Our hearts continue to ache for the 14 innocent people killed and 22 wounded at a holiday party and we are grateful to the heroic police officers that found the two terrorists and courageously ended the violence. Recovery efforts to help the survivors and the family members that lost loved ones are underway. But that is not enough.Just like New York City after 9-11, San Bernardino must come back stronger than before. We cannot allow the terrorists to win. Please stand strong with San Bernardino.”  Georgeann “Gigi” Hanna, San Bernardino City Clerk 

Southern California athletes and walkers are invited to come to San Bernardino for the 30th annual Rotary TinMan Triathlon and 5KRun/Walk on Sunday, June 26, 2015 

     To Stand Strong with San Bernardino                        in memory of the lost                               and in honor of the heroes                               of the terrorist attacks                                         *Memorial Exhibit before race                          *Memorial Program after race           *Stand Strong with San Bernardino t-shirts

The 29 year-old TinMan race on the Cal State campus in San Bernardino at the base of the mountains includes events for the whole family.                                                                * The TinMan Triathlon is a reverse sprint starting with a 5K run followed by a challenging 9 mile bike up Devils Canyon and ending with a 150 yard swim in a competition pool. Tri-teams are welcome.                                                                  *The TinMan 5K run/walk on campus is beautiful. *Parents can select from 3 Kids Triathlons the degree of difficulty just right for each child. There is even a Tricycle Race for little ones 5 and under.                                                                    *Disabled athletes love this triathlon because there are "lifts" to get everyone in the pool!                                          *Special rates and promotions for youth teams, clubs and classrooms. 

Registration will open early in March at and

To join us as a sponsor, contact the Race Director Susan Longville at 909-772-0843 or               

Visit us on Facebook and use it and Twitter to bring bring your friends to Stand Strong in San Bernardino.